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Example of Bad CV.

What not to do:

Name: Peter Smith

Date of Birth: 28/02/1977


1979 - 1982 kinder garden
1982 - 1988 Primary School
1988 - 1991 High School
1994 - 1998 University of John O'Groats

Work Experience:

1998: Worked as a waiter in a restaurant where I served for people who came there to eat.

1997: Worked in a bar serving drinks for people

1990: Worked on a farm with chickens and more animals

2000: Handing out leaflets in the streets to give to people

1996: Worked in fast food company warming up burgers and fries

1999: Worked in a bingo hall calling out the numbers (got promoted to Assistant Manager)

1995: Worked in a swimming pool cleaning toilets and changing room

Computer skills:

Playstation: Expert use in FIFA 2000
Nintendo64: Expert use in Super Mario Brothers
Words: Typed CV on it
E-mail: Knowledge of Hotmail and Yahoo


Drinking, clubbing and Internet Chat rooms.

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