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Writing Cover Letters...

The preliminary application for a professional position generally consists of two documents: a cover letter and a CV.

While the CV is a somewhat generic advertisement for yourself, which you may send unaltered to scores of different companies, the cover letter allows you to tailor your application to each specific job.

Each cover letter should bear the name and address of the company to which you are applying and should address by name the specific individual who will process your application. Each letter should also make specific references to the company and may indicate your knowledge of and interest in the work the company is currently doing.

In addition to tailoring your application to a specific job, the cover letter also allows you to highlight the most important and relevant accomplishments, skills, your enthusiasm and your intellect.

Your cover letter and CV are usually all a prospective employer has to decide whether or not you will reach the next phase in the application process > the interview.

Content of the Cover Letter

In the very first paragraph of your letter, you should state what job you are applying for and how you learned about it. If you have any personal contacts in or with the company, you may want to mention them here. You should also state your general qualifications for the job. This paragraph should be brief, perhaps two or three sentences.

The body of your letter should consist of one to three longer paragraphs in which you expand upon your qualifications for the position. Pick out the most relevant qualifications listed in your CV and discuss them in some detail, demonstrating how your background and experience qualify you for the job. Refer the reader to your CV for additional details.

When submitting/registering your CV with European Resources we would also like you to give us an idea of your preferred salary, preferred job location and whether you are looking for Permanent or Temporary work.

In the concluding paragraph of your letter you should request an interview (or some other response, if appropriate). State where and when you can be reached, and express your willingness to come to an interview or supply further information. Close by thanking your reader for his or her time and consideration.

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