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Temping with European Resources...

Temping is becoming a very large part of European Resources business and a vast number of our clients approach us for temp workers.

Temping is an excellent opportunity to gain experience, if it meets your immediate needs. For example:

  • You may be unsure as to what your next career move will be. Temping will give you the opportunity to experience different positions and companies, which will in turn give you a far wider choice when looking for a permanent position.
  • If you are entering or re-entering the workplace, temping can help improve and build you your skills.
  • If you are between jobs and looking for an income to sustain yourself while you are looking for permanent work.
  • You are a student and looking for some valuable income. We have many part-time opportunities (Evenings and week-ends).
  • You may be returning from traveling and need a start back into the workplace.

If you are interested in Temporary and Part-time work with European Resources then why not submit your CV today.

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