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Time sheets...

When Temping through European Resources Ltd, you will either be using an online time sheet or a paper time sheet.

Paper time sheets should be submitted either close of play Friday or Monday morning at the latest to the following fax number (Failure to fax on time will result in you being unpaid until the following week! It is within your own interest to ensure your time sheets are faxed to us on time!):

FAX: 0131 555 0201

Hours Worked...

The most important section of the time sheet. Please ensure this is completed correctly as this determines how much you are paid. In the relevant boxes the time you started work, the time you finished work. Also, you must take into account the number of minutes for breaks etc.

Beneath this enter the Total Hours worked.

Client Authorisation...

Your time sheet must be authorised by your designated manager at your place of employment. Please ensure their signature is added before faxing to European Resources.

Terms and Conditions...

The Terms and Conditions of your temporary employment are listed on the reverse of your paper time sheets.

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